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A warm welcome to you! This website provides a virtual journey through a small part of the 400.000 photographs I have taken in Africa and the Netherlands, since 2001. Every year I work for a number of months in Africa, photographing the local wildlife, together with my partner, Wildlife Painter Nico Bulder.

I work and live for almost 30 years with Nico in a wonderful wildlife reserve in the Netherlands, named de Leuvenumse Bossen. My inspiration starts on my doorstep. Living in such a close interaction with nature, you begin to understand that “seemingly unimportant issues” are very important. This is why most of my Dutch work is about the simple and small things in nature. “Make something out of nothing” is my guideline to work with.

An important part of my work is teaching wildlife photography . I do courses for starters and more advanced photographers, a Masterclass and a lot of workshops with different themes. Once in a while I take a group of 8 photographers on short trips in the Netherlands (e.g. to the island of Texel in March) or on a longer photo trip (e.g. in July 2012 to South Africa). Teaching photography, gaining knowledge of nature and wildlife, and having a lot of fun are the keywords of these trips.

“Respect for all that’s alive”, “Stop looking, start seeing”, “keep it simple” and “less is more” are important principles in my work, by words and acts. Working in nature and capturing it on photo, creates a deep feeling of peace and happiness. Which is a great way to spend your time off.

The wildlife I capture on photographs are practically all living in freedom. The few photo’s that are taken from wildlife living in captivity will be marked with a ( c ). It’s my choice not to manipulate my work with software, nature is perfect as it is. The conversion stops at the level of work that used to be done in an old fashioned dark room.

I hope my work provides you with joy, inspiration and knowledge. The entire content of this website is copyright protected. If you are interested in purchasing prints, the right of use or when you have questions about locations or subjects, please contact me through the contact form.

It would be very much appreciated if you leave a message in my guestbook.

Kind regards,

Yvonne van der Mey

Elspeet, the Netherlands


Kruger National Park in South Africa is flooding
januari 19, 2012

Only last Sunday, on th15th of January 2012 I received a message from my friend, who’s working and living in the world renowned Kruger National Park. She wrote to me that the summer rains were very late, and she hoped rain would fall soon. This morning, on the 18th of January 2012, I got the […]

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The first post ever
januari 2, 2012

Hi everybody, let me start to wish you all a happy New Year. No better moment than the 1st week of January to present you to my new website. It was a long and difficult project and will not be finished in the near future. But the main frame is here, and it is focused […]

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Yvonne van der Mey, wildlife photographer, was selected on the 2nd of May in Paris (France) as one of six award-winning photographers in an international photo competition. The contest was organised by CIC International Wildlife Organisation. The title of the competition was “Mammal predators in their habitats”.

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It’s not really a hobby to write about myself, but this is mend for those who want to know the woman behind the camera and website. Underneath a short history lesson with some pictures.

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